Heal the Earth, plea from Gaia

 Gaia’s plea……..

Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Gaia- Goddess of the Planet Earth, Spirit of Nature. I’ve come to share with you  the way I am feeling.

I am the essence of all living beauty yet, when you see me and look deep into my clear crystal eyes, you will glimpse the depth of my pain, despair and sorrow. I am here as hostess to the human race so that it may grow and learn, so human souls may progress along the path of light. You have been granted the privilege of incarnating on one of the most beautiful  planets in this solar system and of being entrusted with her care. Yet I am in serious crisis. I have been raped and plundered, pillaged and violated, bombed and concreted over. Vast parts of my surface are scorched or poisoned, my seas are polluted, my atmosphere torn and my heart is heavy with the pain. I weep…. listen carefully and you will hear my cries deep within your soul.

There are wise ones amongst you who have returned with the soul purpose of speaking on my behalf, who empathise with me and feel my pain as though it was their own. These humans are also in despair as so many people have not woken up yet or responded to my pitiful cry- they prefer to live through the ego, plundering and raping for greed and self-satisfaction, thinking only of the accumulation of wealth and power without giving a thought for the pain you inflict on me. This cannot be allowed as the planet herself is a vital part of the universe and must not be destroyed. My pain and distress are great, my wounds are dangerously deep and harmful. I need cleansing and healing, I cannot contain my anger at man any longer- it is already erupting through earthquakes and volcanoes, tsunamis and storms causing devastation and heartbreak. I implore you, please listen as I ask for your help and consideration. Speak to others about my plight and together we may be able to contain the devastation and stop the destruction.

I would like to thank those who are trying to help by dedicating their time to my plight and my healing. I urge you to join them if you feel moved by my plea. Together, working in cooperation, we can succeed and restore peace and harmony to this blessed planet and you, dear friends, can live happily as guardians of my essence and beauty.

Thank you for listening to me, I trust that I have truly been heard.

With Love



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The most auspicious time for planetary healing is on the full moon…

this month the full moon  falls on

Monday April 30th

So please help by tuning in with your healing thoughts on the full moon and sending them to Gaia and our beautiful planet Earth.



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Wishing you a  Happy ‘Easter’, named after the Goddess Éostre / Ostara , Goddess of birth and fertility ………heralding a time of new beginnings.


‘It is the perfect time for you to start new projects, access new ideas and give birth to new conditions’



Spring Blessings from Suzanna and the angels x