Full moon message from Isis, matriarch of the moon goddesses.

Dear all

I implore you  to uphold and champion the essential values of the female principle

Those principles of

Nurture, Care, gentleness, kindness, cooperation, compassion, moral fortitude , living through the heart.

As the Sophia energy ( the female side of the Christos energy) returns to the earth gone are the days of authoritarian rule, patriarchal values.

Balance is being restored. People are wanting to coexist in harmony, concrete, respect and value each others individuality.

Be free, take your own power,  weave your magic on a daily basis, lead by example. Enlighten others by your deeds and words so we may all return to live in harmony with each other and, nature and the planet.

You are blessed with Love 

Isis x


Violet Flame Invocation for Earth Healing

The invocation below is channelled from St Germain .It helps the entire planet to eradicate negativity and assist the Earth with it’s own ascension. Even if you’re removing only a speck of density with each healing, you are still giving tremendous service to the planet. The beneficial effects will accumulate each time. St Germain asks that we use this Invocation each day until the Earth Ascends.

Violet Flame Earth Invocation          by Troiska Saint Germain

‘’ Mighty I Am Presence, please bring forth the Violet Flame to be made manifest in the Earth now. Fill our entire planet with your powerful Violet Fame of Divine Justice, Liberty, Forgiveness, Mercy and Freedom.

Spread the Violet Flame throughout all the bodies of the Earth, surrounding her mental body, emotional body and spiritual body, bathing our planet in your compassionate, soft Violet Flame.

Violet Flame, we direct you to transmute all negativity, undue control, greed, corruption, egotism, poverty, disease, anger, hate and fear from our loving Mother Earth and all her inhabitants, as much as the Law wil allow and in respect to the free will of all.

Beloved Violet Flame, turn all that can be transmuted into gentle pink light, the ray of unconditional love. Bathe the planet with it now, filling her completely and totally while surrounding her as well. Add now the soft pale blue light of truth, peace, calmness and harmony. Follow with the emerald green ray of prosperity, abundance, radiant health and vital life. Please seal everything with th e Golden Platinum Light of the Christ Consciousness.

Let the Golden Platinum Light coalesce and mingle with the pink, blue and green rays, raising the qualities of all to the highest level possible now, that of the Christ Consciousness. Hold these energies and our wishes, desires and intention for Heaven on Earth with peace and prosperity for all, forever and ever.

Thank you Beloved I AM Presence, Father God, Mother God, Divine Source, The All That Is, The I Am That I Am. Amen and So it is.”

Shared by Judy  with love x


Deal all

The theme on this first day of May is beauty. We can see the beauty all around us as we enter summer….leaves unfurling, buds opening, blossoms bursting , flowers shining their glory. enjoy the adage below ……..


Beauty is

The immortalization


God’s Work

 And remember you are God’s work too so take your beauty into the world


Have a lovely day being beautiful



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