Full moon message from Isis, matriarch of the moon goddesses.

Dear all

I implore you  to uphold and champion the essential values of the female principle

Those principles of

Nurture, Care, gentleness, kindness, cooperation, compassion, moral fortitude , living through the heart.

As the Sophia energy ( the female side of the Christos energy) returns to the earth gone are the days of authoritarian rule, patriarchal values.

Balance is being restored. People are wanting to coexist in harmony, concrete, respect and value each others individuality.

Be free, take your own power,  weave your magic on a daily basis, lead by example. Enlighten others by your deeds and words so we may all return to live in harmony with each other and, nature and the planet.

You are blessed with Love 

Isis x


One thought on “Full moon message from Isis, matriarch of the moon goddesses.

  1. Judy Hicks says:

    A strong message from the Goddess ISIS-as the world begins to recognise the feminine, the qualities that women bring to earth and the balance of powers that is beginning to shift.

    Certainly the world needs more nurturing, more kindness, more gentle caresses.


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