Black Super Moon and Black Lilith


 Super Back Super Moon – August 30th  2019



Lilith is one of the oldest known female spirits of the world.

 According to  legend, God formed Lilith as the first woman.  

Traditionally Lilith means ”the night”, and she attributed with the spiritual aspects of sensuality and freedom, but also terror.


The Black super moon harnesses the power of  Black Moon Lilith (BML) . Black Moon Lilith reflects our inherent power and resistance to control by external forces. She invites us to channel the most primal energies of the universe and connect deeply with the timeless Self, unshaped by the socialising forces of family, society and authority. 

BML is our hidden strength and gifts us with her power when all else fails, when we discover we can survive and thrive. When we encounter BML we know all about it! The whirlwinds of life blow through and around us and we are confronted with opportunities to discover our own unmitigated power in response and transform.

So Goddesses, rise above troubles to find your truth, inner strength and power 

With Love Suzanna xxx