THE FROST MOON – This November the Frost Moon is in Taurus.

The frost moon indicates the beginning of  a quiet time of hibernation,  inner work and consolidation of ideas.

After reaping your harvest at the September moon and focusing on your goals at the October now is the time to go within  to let your new self and your new projects  grow ready for birth in the Spring.

 Be quiet, meditate, focus on your goals.

The body region associated with this frost moon-: Neck – larynx, throat, vocal cords, thyroid gland, parathyroids, tonsils. These areas are now more sensitive so provide them with extra care. Chant, hum, wear a blue or turquoise crystal necklace, blue/turquoise silk, cotton or wool scarf, drink warm fluids, eat warming soups, have a spoonful of honey!! Enjoy the self care x


On the full moon tune in to the sparking blue light of the moon goddess Crystabelle.  Allow her sparkles to surround you and flow through you gently cleansing and reinvigorating your energy. For greater insight meditate with the throat chairs crystals, holding the crystal on the throat chakra and auric layer corresponding to the crystal you are drawn to use.(chart below)



AURIC LAYER                            CRYSTALS

Etheric                                       Sodalite, Blue agate

Emotional                                 Lapis lazuli ,Turquoise

Mental                                        Amazonite,  Chalcedony

Spiritual                                    Aquamarine, Blue obsidian

Look after yourself – ‘hibernate ‘ during the winter months.

 Focus on self acceptance and self respect. When you accept yourself for who you are  it will be easier for you to find peace and tranquility in the outside world  to follow your spiritual path with ease.

AFFIRMATION – I love and accept myself .  I celebrate my uniqueness. I nurture my gifts.




A seed grows without noise 

BUT a tree falls with a huge noise.

Destruction has noise

Creation is quiet.

This is the power of silence.

*Quote by Jeff Lombardo kindly shared by Lovely Lizzi x


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