The December full moon is called the COLD MOON. While every full moon is special in its own right, the Cold Moon is marked by a very positive energy.

Ways to harness the perfection of the Cold Moon…..

1.  Use the energy of the Cold Moon is to make moon water.

Lay a jar of water out beneath the gaze of the moon at night and allow the lunar light to filter into the water. The next morning, collect your water.  Use it to charge your crystals, add it to a bath, drink it, or anoint it to your wrists for a boost of magic.

2. Set an intention while watching the Cold Moon, visualize your intention coming true, and then meditate on the energy of the Cold Moon infusing your spirit.

3. Journal about your intention and allow insight from within to flow onto your pages.

4. Set your crystals out to be charged by the Cold Moon.

5. Meditate with MOONSTONE  This crystal works with the emotions allowing energy to flow freely throughout the body. Hold a MOONSTONE and allow its fluid energy to flow through you rebalancing the emotions and releasing old energy. Moonstone also works on the 3rdeye bringing insight, vision and connection to the higher realms. Ask for a vision to clarify your future and show you the way forward.

MOONSTONEUnknown-1.jpeg    ********************



Lunella shines her yellow light. Sit and feel her yellow light flowing all around you  giving you a feeling of personal space , allowing you to experience your true self untainted by the thoughts and feelings of others. Withdraw and focus on strengthening your own energy, embodying the yellow light and feminine wisdom of Lunella.

 Purify your thoughts, embrace positive intention and cultivate your creative powers ready to drive forward your goals with renewed enthusiasm in the spring.



They say

I am made of



I feel the


Sparkling in between this dust

Shimmering, glimmering

Pulsating, scintillating

Creating a


All around me



At my fingertips.

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