Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Jan 10th 2020

2020 Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse January 10th 


2020 starts with apenumbral eclipse which coincides with the January Full Moon.

This FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE is on January 10thand is in the sign of Cancer, a water sign associated with the heart, feelings and emotions.

Lunar Eclipses bring portals of accelerated energy that help to shift and move things from our lives.

This Cancer Lunar Eclipse you may find yourself extra sensitive and  emotional. The energy will bring a release that will help to clear a path so you can align deeper with your soul journey.

Cancer also rules over the heart chakra  which means you will experience healing and opening of your heart, which can be both beautiful and painful at the same time.

The full moon will be guiding us to express ourselves, open our hearts, get in touch with our emotions, and work on feeling at home within ourselves.

Family dynamics or issues within the home may be stirred. You may  feel a need to speak your truth or you may find that a truth is illuminated that changes your path and life direction.


Over the past few months there has been an acceleration in raising the vibrations of those committed to a spiritual path.

This is a big turning point- a clash between the old Piscean patriarchal, authoritarian ways and the new Aquarian ways, embracing the  Divine feminine Sophia energy of nurture, care, cooperation and personal freedom.

Your psychic and healing skills are needed to awaken and nurture others and to spread light across the world to help raise the vibrations of the planet.  

Send healing light daily across the world. Join together to enhance your light, raise your vibrations and the vibrations of the planet.

The full moon is the most auspicious time for self and planetary healing.

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Take time to sit quietly and bathe in the energy of the moon.

Allow this to wash through you clearing away old patterns making you feel lighter.

Focus on the heart chakra drawing this Cancerian moon energy in to heal old wounds, release pain and bring deeper compassion for yourself and others.

Dedicate yourself to your soul journey. Note down significant goals for the coming year for yourself, your home and your heart’s desire.- ask for guidance and assistance in achieving these goals.

Work with the Moon Goddess Phoebe who represents the dark side of the moon, your shadow side.


Tune in to you shadow side to find your greatest quality …….. softness, gentleness, nurture, open-heartedness, integrity, independence, insight, understanding, compassion, strength, tenacity.

With deep love and compassion

Suzanna x and the Angels x

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