APRIL FULL MOON 2020-SUPERMOON Wednesday 8th April




This month the full moon is a SUPERMOON


Full Moon in Libra: BALANCE 

You might have a strong need for balance and harmony now. You would probably like to keep things “nice” in order not to disturb the peace.  Learn to share your good and bad feelings. Do not be afraid to be who you really are, despite what is expected of you.Use this moon to change your way of thinking.

This full moon is an opportunity to cleanse your thoughts, refresh relationships and have a new start.This is a time for protecting, nurturing and healing, of yourself and your loved ones. Listen to advice, share your knowledge and be smart about how you move around and interact with your neighbours.

Turn to nature for connection and hope. Redefine your own goals and discard that which no longer serves you. Appreciation will help you readjust your values. Appreciate your own gifts . Appreciate what really matters.


ISIS – Mother figure- upholder of female wisdom and magic.

isis-doreen-virtue copy.jpg

SIT QUIETLY – I ask you to tune into the moonlight, take strength from my presence and help to restore balance to the planet at this difficult time. Play your part in bringing the female values of nurture, care, cooperation back to our beautiful planet. We are in a time of transformation, discarding the old principles to live in a more harmonious and egalitarian way with care, support, nurture and cooperation being the central themes of society.

Brighten the way for others . Be strong in your convictions. Help to restore balance by your actions and attitudes.

I shine my light on you now so you may fine tune your intuition, hone your healing skills and become fully aware of your powers. Be generous and give of your skills and knowledge to enable others to advance along their spiritual path too. x

DIANA –  the huntress.


 BE WITH ME – I bring my playful bright light to help you maintain your health. Keep fit by dancing, walking – enjoy movement and music to uplift your spirits and keep your body toned.

I am here to help you realise your goals and put new ideas into practise. This time of isolation is ideal for discovering new ways of being creative. Reach out to others to share these skills. Tune into my clear energy to receive up-liftment and joy. x

CELEST- moon goddess of peace


SIT IN MY ENERGY – I bring you a pale blue light to restore peace and calm to your mind and soul. Allow this blue light to flow through you washing away all unwanted emotion and discover what you truly need. Be strong in your own beliefs to sustain you and those around you. Rise above negtivity and see the beauty all around at this time of spring. Stay calm, stay at peace. This will have a positive effect on all those around you too. Send loving and peaceful thoughts to all. Rebirth your ideas of what is important. Stay uplifted and well. Be at peace. x

 GAIA- goddess of the earth


THANK YOU FOR CONNECTING WITH ME. –  This is the time of new beginnings. Look around you and see new growth. Breath in the greens and fresh colours of the flowers. Listen to the bird song.

Please send me your healing thoughts as we go together throught this time of transformation. I thank you for bringing the healing energy of the moon to my core. Be an ambassador of peace and beauty. x



 It was a lovely, sunny morning-

Cold- but really bright.

Quiet, thoughtful contemplation,

No body about.

 Time of isolation, uncertain times for us

Filled with fear, strife ,confusion

A time for staying put.


The garden bade me visit, enticing me outside

And there I found SPRING MAGIC

And – Oh! what a delight!

 Butterflies were flitting -the first I’ve seen this year.

Pink and white sweet blossoms perfuming the air.

Bright yellow Forsythia glowing in the sun.

Tiny light blue Scilla peeping through the soil

A large mauve Pansy flower smiling from a pot

A clump of little daisies nestling in the grass.

 Whilst I was looking wondrously

The thought popped in my head

It may be troubled times for us



They don’t know about the trouble

They don’t know about the strife

They just carry on growing , continuing with life –

Bringing joy into my soul and a smile to my face.

So, go out into nature, hear the cheery song of birds

Look around to see the flowers, smell the perfume on the air


Put the joy back in your soul!



Stay well

Love Suzanna and the goddesses x

Unknown-4 copy.jpeg

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