Poetry inspired by Earth Day penned by Suzanna, Lizzie and Giulietta

Hello dear friends

Below are three poems for your enjoyment all inspired by Earth Day written by

Suzanna, Lizzie and Giulietta.


Wake up! Wake up!!

Wake up! Wake up!!

The rallying cry

Of our times.

Wake up –

Look at life more carefully


Ravaging our planet

Polluting it’s air and seas

Cutting down forests

Stop this greed

Before it is too late


Wake up! Wake up!!



And all it holds.

Live frugally

In harmony with nature –

That is our role.





I wander dreamily across breathtaking rolling Suffolk countryside and all around me glowing yellow crops emerge like a bright morning sunrise full of fresh new promise. 

Ancient woodlands bursting into fresh spring leaves sing a heavenly melody, notes tinkling on the wind, encouraging curiosity and marvellous adventures. 

On a distant horizon freshly ploughed fields merge with endlessly curving turquoise blue skies; an enchanting canvas to be painted with daring dreams still to believe in.

I am gifted with melodic evening birdsong, a chorus of simple joys, and, gosh, not one, not two but three, yes three, mysterious hares boxing mischievously before bounding gracefully across budding crops of green.

I sit cross legged, spellbound, on a soft, inviting emerald carpet, marvelling wide-eyed at Gaia’s vibrancy and beauty. 

I raise my face up to the sinking sun, majestic yellow melting orb, drinking in natures bubbling elixir, giddy and intoxicated with bliss. I am in love; I smile …..




This Is Our Home

Lush green rooftops,
trees criss-crossing
trade oxygen for carbon,

this is our home.
How do we treat her?

Dig deep for ancient oil,
burn it into carbon
causing cracks in Earth’s core
so she shakes


let wind and sun
softly flow
through our technology?
We can heat our homes
in harmony.

Hawthorn blooms,
berries help the heart.
Willow bark
inspires aspirin.
Aloe Vera,
good medicine.

This is our home.
How do we meet her?

With diggers and saws
to lay high speed rails
where ancient woodland stood,
home to creatures winged
and crawling


could we meet each other quicker
with our Zooms and Skypes
instantaneous and letting
those old woodlands grow?

Ocean waves splashing
salt on the shore,
deep sandy beaches,
playground to children
and laughing rays.

This is our home.
How can we greet her?

Touch the Earth with respect.
She is our home.

images copy 2.jpeg



Blessings to you all. Start safe.

 Suzanna, Lizzie and Giulietta 

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