Flower Full Super Moon May 7th 2020

Flower Super Moon, Thursday May 7th 2020.


This is the first positive moon phase for six weeks and has a spiritual, healing and compassionate influence.

Your home, family, and intimate relationships come into sharper focus . 

This is a good full moon for spending quiet time in reflection. Increased intuition  helps you understand your thought and feelings, use this to overcome relationship challenges. If disagreements do occur this moon’s harmonious, compassionate and spiritual influence encourages compromise, cooperation, and forgiveness.

At this time you may receive spiritual information through dreams, meditation, your spirit guides, or through chance encounters.

 Friends may come to you for comfort or support.  This is a good full moon to be of service to your loved ones and the wider community. Your intuitive abilities will be an asset. Your words become soothing and will be healing to others.

This full moon is a good time good for relaxation, healing, yoga, astrology, tarot, lucid dreaming, and meditation.

It can also be a good time for creative pursuits – literature, poetry, drama, singing, art, design, fashion, home making.

This is a positive full moon with a harmonious and spiritual influence. which will help you envisage a brighter future.


Three Moon Goddesses – Isis, Diana and Luella – their qualities and six Crystals energies they encourage you to use at this time 

Goddess Isis– fortitude, feminine arts– healing, cooperation, compassion, strength and nurture

Amethyst– this has empathy with all the chakras. Use it on all your chakras to rebalance your energy, uplift spirits and find strength.


Prehnite– a very gentle green stone. Use the energy to ease, soothe and calm  your heart



Goddess Diana– Diana demands focus- what do I want? what do I need to achieve my goals?

Clear quartz,-Clear quartz has empathy with all the chakras.Use it to clear away old energy,  cleanse the thoughts, raise your vibrations.


 Aquamarine-  sit quietly with this  third eye crystal for clarity of vision and enhanced intuition. 



Goddess Lunella- Take time for yourself-. Time for self love, self acceptance, self knowledge, honing new skills.

Double terminated Gold citrine – this energy will clear and calm the solar plexus, the seat of emotions. You can use it horizontally to balance your male(doing) and female (being) energies or vertically to cleanse and re-align the solar plexus.


Rose quartz– this energy is for the heart chakra. This very gentle energy nurtures  and caresses you, refilling and expanding your heart. Self love and self acceptance are it’s gifts at this time.



                                 Enjoy the positive energies of this Flower Super Moon

with Love



I will host a live meditation on Thursday May 7th  8.15pm a little later than usual to allow you time to applaud the NHS and key-workers at 8pm. Click the link to join in



poem by Lizzie – 

“Moonbeam Wishes” 

Glittering mystical moonbeams resting in a dark ink night sky pour through the open window inviting an exquisite moment to pause, reflect and soak in their majesty.

A sense of peace settles sublimely all around and the soft subtle rhythm of my heartbeat connects to natures nurture; translucent and expansive in an ocean of gentle, golden sparkles.

A wish is quietly made by my 

heartsoul bird, resting on a twirling, rainbow branch, entwining the chambers on a breath with the beat of hope, love, peace, trust and unity. 

The joy of simply being present in this wondrous moonbeam moment fills my heart and soul with grace; akin to entrancing words tumbling from well-worn favourite, shimmering pages, woven with faith and tender love. 







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