NEW MOON IN CANCER June 21st 2020

NEW MOON JUNE 21st 2020

This moon is in cancer and there is an alignment of sun moon earth to create an annular eclipse! The eclipse will be visible in parts of Africa and Asia but the energy will be transformative everywhere.


 The mid -summer Solstice on Saturday June 20this about balance – equal light/dark, male/female, doing/being, physical/spiritual. 

The solstice is followed on Sunday June 21st by a New Moon in cancer.

Cancer is concerned with emotion so this is a time be aware of your emotions- do not let your emotions get the better of you during this next month! This is a continuing time of transformation.

Go into yourself to find the root cause of your emotions and overcome old patterns to get a fresh perspective.

This moon brings divine love, deep healing, nurture but we are asked to go deep into our shadow side to unlock our hidden fiercely maternal energy and use this to mother ourselves. Defend yourself and find justice!!!

This is a cathartic time of self-healing.


The goddess Lilith is associated with this new moon.


Lilith reveals what is hidden -both what we hide from ourselves and what others hide from us.

Sit in the quiet and go deep within your own shadow. Take this opportunity to break free from all old patterns.

You need courage to do this but the answers you find will take you through the portal into a new life offering new opportunities.

It may be  helpful to communicate with others and seek support to help you through this inner shadow and get yourself back on track!

Good luck


To help you I will be hosting a Live Meditation 8-9 pm BST

Sunday 21st June

To join the meditation click link below

If you are unable to join live you can watch when it suits – the post will remain on fb site.


Crystals to help at this time

 Merkabah-star crystal

The Merkabah is like 2 interlocked triangle-based pyramids which rotate in opposite directions. The energy of the Merkabah is strong.

Sit quietly and visualise the Merkabah around you, protecting you. Allow yourself to withdraw into the shadow side of yourself. Sense what it is that needs clearing and ask for clarity. Work up through each chakra, starting from the base, cleansing and releasing all blocks.

                                        images-2 copy 5  clear quartz Merkabah


Moonstone- a crystal of emotion. `

Tune into the moonstone energy to help the released emotions flow through you, clear old patterns and refresh you for a new start.

                                   Unknown  moonstone 

Ask Goddess Lilith to help you clear all old patterns and reveal  which new qualities you need to further your path forward. This is a time to restore harmony.

Sending you love, courage and determination to carry you forward.


Unknown-4 copy







Strawberry full moon June 5th 2020


This year, the night of the Strawberry Moon will also see a penumbral lunar eclipse take place. At its maximum the surface of moon will appear darker then usual.

The full moon in Sagittarius is about continuing to clear out the old, emotionally and physically, reaffirm your self-worth and move forward renewed to achieve your soul purpose.

You are reassessing your goals and philosophy to bring more meaning to your life. This moon brings an optimism and a belief that things will get better during this time of universal shift.

My friend Michelle has kindly shared the following knowledge from the Buddhist tradition to shed light on the energy this Friday-

‘Sakadawa, on Friday June 5th, marks the enlightenment and paranirvana (passing away) of the Buddha. The effects of positive (or negative) actions on this day are multiplied 10 million times! Stay positive and constructive. Rise above the difficulties in this world, be optimistic about a new future.’

 Be the one to spread the light, help others to heal and connect with nature, beauty, truth and love x


Love / Hate

Other aspects of this moon means released anger can be focused on love relationships, turning minor irritations into conflict. Compromise. Raise your words rather than your frustrations. Be passionate rather than angry. Release frustration in a positive and constructive way through sport, exercise, creativity of all kinds-bake a cake!!!

 Rise above the universal discontent,do something worthwhile to further the changes needed for a positive future. Focus on all positive aspects of life. 


I invite you to join me for a live full moon meditation using crystals and colour and evoking the goddess energies for self and planetary healing

on Friday June 5th 8pm BST at



The lower chakras are most affected during this moon phase. Blocks are being released to liberate you to continue YOUR spiritual path.

Solar plexus- emotions

Carnelian-  release of fear.

images-1 copy 2

‘I love myself and am full of  hope, self-worth and joy’

Sacral- creativity and passion

Lepidolite- transformation.


‘I am becoming a new ME, walking forward with confidence and joy.’

Base- divine will

Jasper-removing old blocks,

images-3 copy 3

‘I am free and have a new enthusiasm which helps me to move forward.’

Haematite- brings a feeling of strength throughout the spine.


‘I can be me!!! I can stand up for myself and what I believe in. I express LOVE ’


ISIS- Be the inspiration. Express yourself freely. Reach out to others to show them love, apprecition and encouragement. Show the way by example. Be cooperative, nurturing, loving kind. Stand up for what truly matters.

DIANA- express the joy and beauty in life. Sing, dance, create- express love and kindness.

LUNELLA,  CELESTINE – take time to nurture yourself and enhance your gifts and skills.

PHOEBE- find the strength to be independent- be truly free to express your individuality.

CRYSTABELLE- sends sparkling blue healing light to raise your vibrations and keep you positive.


3 POEMS INSPIRED BY MOONLIGHT by Lizzie Suzanna and Giulietta. ENJOY!!!!

Moonbeam Wishes” 

Glittering mystical moonbeams resting in a dark ink night sky pour through the open window inviting an exquisite moment to pause, reflect and soak in their majesty.

A sense of peace settles sublimely all around and the soft subtle rhythm of my heartbeat connects to natures nurture; translucent and expansive in an ocean of gentle, golden sparkles.

A wish is quietly made by my 

Heart-soul bird, resting on a twirling, rainbow branch, entwining the chambers on a breath with the beat of hope, love, peace, trust and unity. 

The joy of simply being present in this wondrous moonbeam moment fills my heart and soul with grace; akin to entrancing words tumbling from well-worn favourite, shimmering pages, woven with faith and tender love. 

By Lizzie x



The moon bathed Gaia

In her gentle glowing light

Embracing and nurturing the Earth

With her opalescent luminosity

Gently enfolding her in

A cloak of feminine protection.

The moon Goddesses gathered

Collectively sending Gaia

Their silky colours 

To heal and support our

Glorious planet

Isis wrapped Gaia in her

deep magenta wings

Bringing strength, fortitude-

Motherly LOVE

Diana danced all over the Earth

Showering her with sparks

of pure white light

Cleansing deeply her soul.

Celestine glowed her soothing

Pale blue light

Which seeped into the planet

Bringing peace and hope.

Crystabelle shimmered  her

Scintillating blue light

Deep in to Gaia’s scars

Bringing healing to her wounds.

Lunella beamed her yellow light

Like a golden strand

into the core of the Earth

Raising her vibration

Illuminating her heart.

Phoebe encircled Gaia

With her dark purple light

Bringing Honour,

Understanding and Promise.

 Gaia sighed with deep relief,

Smiled with gratitude

Knowing she was cared for

Nurtured and held

By the Goddesses of the moon.

By Suzanna x


New Moon
My guardian angel
is mostly wing.
Silk-soft pillows
enfold me
in milky-
white safety
when I can’t find
the moon.
He says,
“Love is in 
the ashes,
and there ain’t
nothin’ brighter
than the stars
on a new moon.”
My angel 
is from
the streets.
Who would have
guessed I got
one from here?
“Did you fall
from heaven
or something?”
He flaps a 
and grins.
By Giulietta x