BARLEY FULL MOON Monday August 3rd 2020

Barley Full Moon Monday August 3rd2020


The Barley full moon is on Monday August 3rd2020. This moon is in Aquarius.

Aquarius energy is about INDIVIDUALITY and FREEDOM. Time to change and awaken to a NEW you and a new reality.

Old patterns no longer serve the higher purpose of humanity and we need change to return to equality, harmony, cooperation, compassion, justice. This is being reflected across the planet. Be aware of what is happening globally but rise above the drama to find your role in the new age- the Aquarian age- as the Divine Feminine energy is returning to the planet.

Go within to find illumination and revelation. Ask –

Where am I going?  What is my part in the new energies of awakening? What is uniquely my light? What am I being called to do for the greater good?

A door is opening on new adventures. Feel drawn to learn new skills. Be aware of new opportunities to use your skills. Stay open to new experiences.

Feel the freedom of expressing your individuality, new ideas, new beliefs.

Sow seeds of hope, intention and realisation for all that you will be called to do in 2021. Be patient with yourself and others. You are going to come out of a cocoon to become a beautiful butterfly and fly free. Sustain yourself during this process by immersing yourself in meditation, dance, yoga. Find a playfulness in life. This is a good time to link with friends and groups of like mind. Surround yourself with beauty- flowers, nature, music, art.



To help you into this new energy I will be hosting

 a live meditation on Facebook

Monday August 3rd

8-9pm BST

Click link below to join the meditation

The moon Goddesses Isis, Diana, Lunella and Phoebe will share their energy and wisdom with us.

(The meditation will remain on Facebook so you may enjoy at your leisure.)


Goddess wisdom and crystal energy useful at this moon

GODDESS ISIS – The Matriarch.

Isis comes to mother you, helping you emerge into a beautiful new butterfly. Absorb her strength, her wisdom, her sense of moral justice. Get ready to stand up and be counted.


Haematite–  this crystal contains iron and gives strength


Haematite brings strength of purpose and the strength to be YOURSELF.

Hold the haematite at the base of the spine and feel the energy rise up the spine strengthening your resolve.

Hematite is a very helpful stone to ease the menstrual process.

Amazonite– a greeny /blue crystal for clearing old energy from the thymus chakra, (the chest area.)


Hold this crystal on your chest. It helps you ‘get everything off your chest’, breathe deeply to keep the channel form the heart to the voice open so you can fully express who you are, what you need and what you LOVE.


A Goddess of bright yellow light. Time to withdraw from people and activities which no longer nurture you. Focus on new beginnings and strengthening your own light.


Golden citrine – a cleansing, rebalancing  crystal.

Unknown-4 copy.jpeg

Hold the double terminated gold citrine on your solar plexus either horizontally or vertically and draw in the energy. This will clear the chakra of unwanted emotion and negative energy and restore balance. What positive emotion lies beneath the negative? Can you recapture the JOY of being?

Candle flame energy


Draw the candle flame energy into your 3rdeye. Feel the expansion. Hone your intuition and get in touch with your higher self and higher wisdom.

What are my special gifts??


Diana is bringing abundance of feminine joy. Enjoy moving , freeing the body to flow- dance, play, do yoga, gentle exercise.

Embody the divine feminine . Free yourself to flow.


Moonstone – moonstone has a soft, flowing energy.

Unknown copy 4.jpeg

Breath in the moonstone energy and feel it free old patterns from your body- feel free to flow as you wish. Feel in tune with universal energy. Allow things to happen at the right time.


The Goddess of the dark side of the moon, your mysterious side.

Phoebe calls on you to explore your hidden gifts and hone your sacred  gifts.


Amethyst Pyramid- high energy of  meditation


Allow the energy of the amethyst pyramid to raise your vibration. Imagine yourself looking through the new doorway into your future of beauty and purpose. What hidden quality is your greatest gift? How can you take this forward? Where are your gifts needed?

Rose Quartz Heart – a soft loving energy


Breathe the energy of the rose quartz into your heart. The rose quartz is soft, loving nurturing, compassionate. As you begin to emerge from your cocoon be kind and gentle with your new self. Nurture yourself. Accept all that you have been and all that you are becoming.


I am strong.

I love being me.

I am free to be and express my individuality.

My greatest gifts are……


 Enjoy your new wings beautiful butterflies!!


With Love

Suzanna, Isis, Diana, Lunella and  Phoebe.




Each snowflake has its own template

It is unique !

Each human has its own blueprint

You are unique !


I am



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