Full Moon in Cancer Wednesday December 30th 2020

The next Full Moon on Wednesday December 30th is in the sign of CANCER- a water sign associated with home and emotions.

The last Full Moon of 2020 falls in the watery sign of Cancer on December 30th. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so on this night the Moon shines in its element and is able to express its powers to the fullest.

This will be a sensitive Full Moon that may touch deep emotions and feelings, allowing them to rise so the weight of all you have been carrying crashes to the shore like a wave, freeing you from anything you no longer wish to take with you into the new year and the new dimension energy.

  2020 has turned things upside down so it is important to look at the gifts we have been given. What gifts were sent your way this year? What did you learn? What did you discover? How have you grown? How did you reconnect with nature? How have you rebalanced relationships? How have you look at things with fresh eyes to create a new world where we are all 1 family ?

 Your true gift is realizing how much you have achieved, how much you have grown, and how much love and light you have given to the world.

The Moon also represents our ability to nurture ourselves and to take care of our emotional needs. You are being called within to nurture the home of your soul.

Take time to listen to the needs of your body, heart, and soul. Take time to honour, nourish, and attend to your own well-being. Rest, eat good food, exercise, meditate.





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I will channel soft,nurturing, healing rainbow light and the Wisdom and Energies of the Moon Goddesses. Let’s see which Goddesses join us!!!

With LOVE Suzanna xxxx

2020 Midwinter Solstice Monday December 21st

Monday December 21st 2020 brings us to the Midwinter Solstice.

Midwinter Solstice 

The shortest day of the year heralding the return of the LIGHT.

Patience, silence and rest are the keys to the winter solstice time as we wait in the darkness of Midwinter, dreaming and preparing for of the future

Nature teaches us that resting and withdrawing inward for a time is necessary for the new growth that comes later. SLOW DOWN !! BE PATIENT !! REST!!

This 21st December is an auspicious time in our planets history. On this day the planets Jupiter and Saturn are in conjunction. This coincides with the peak of a meteor shower and marks the end to the astronomical calendar in 2020, moving us into the true age of Aquarius.

 The two planets will briefly appear as one bright star, the Christmas Star (as was the Star of Bethlehem,) This will be visible just above the horizon to the southwest shortly after sunset.

Energy wise this is your opportunity to take a quantum leap in expanding your consciousness, healing every level of your being and aligning with a the new DIVINE FEMININE harmonious way of living on the planet.


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Love Suzanna