New Moon in Capricorn Wednesday January 13th 2021

New Moon in Capricorn January 13th 2021

New moon- New beginning!!! This new moon heralds the beginning of the new age!!

We are being polished ready to make our new beginning in Spring and move forward on our spiritual path to be part of the new world energies.

New times need new solutions, new ways of working, new ways of leadership, new ideas of community, new outlooks, new perspectives.

What are you letting go of ??

What are you being called forward to contribute ??

Rise to new challenges and commit yourself to new ways of being, relating, living.

Be compassionate, help others to grow. Live from the HEART

*************NEW MOON MEDITATION*************

To help you into the new energies and to dig deep to find your hidden strengths I will host a new moon new beginning meditation

Join me at

Wednesday January 13th

8pm GMT

We will tune into crystal and colour energies and call upon Goddess energies to find our own answers and to bring healing to our beautiful Planet Earth.

I’m looking forward to bringing you these new energies to build a new world community

Love Suzanna x

I will use clear quartz markaba star energy to cleanse the chakras and aura.

If you have one you may like to have it with you during the meditation x

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