Full moon in Leo

This full moon in Leo has a powerful energy. There are personal changes to make as well as a lot of global changes happening. You may feel like surging forward, breaking out but now is NOT the time. This moon is about slowing down and being patient and persistent. Continue to move towards your goals despite obstacles. Complete your clearing before it is time to emerge in the spring when it will be time to BE READY!! 

So rest, go within, look at and clear old patterns – social, familial and global- which may have been holding you back. Keep asking yourself………

What do I want to create?

How do I need to change in myself to create this?

What do I need to learn to move forward?

How am I being called to presence my authentic self in the world?



The full moon is the most potent time for self and planetary healing.

To help you continue your clearing and growth I will host a LIVE meditation

Thursday January 28th 8pm GMT

To join me click the link below



Goddesses energies at this full moon

The Moon Goddesses Isis and Diana will be bringing their wisdom and the Goddess Yemanya, the golden goddess of the sea, will be here to take you on a cleansing journey.

I will also channel the soft transformative rainbow light!!!

I look forward to sharing these energies with you x


Goddess Yemanya.

Yemanya will take you on a deep cleansing journey so you are ready for a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY


Amethyst merkaba

Amethyst merkaba brings you into alignment with your authentic self.

Angel hair quartz

Angel hair quartz is cleansing and uplifting


Lepidolite is a transformative crystal releasing old patterns

Lots of love

Suzanna x

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