FULL HARVEST MOON IN PISCES Monday September 20th 2021

FULL HARVEST MOON IN PISCES- celebrate your achievements!!!

A harvest moon is the full moon nearest the autumn equinox .

This year the equinox falls on Wednesday September 22nd just 2 days after the Full Moon on Monday September 22nd. POWERFUL ENERGIES !!

This is time to reap the harvest of all your achievements, both large and small, during 2021.

Congratulate yourself, recognise each step you have taken.


Pisces is a water sign associted with emotions. Let go of negativity. Seek the positive. Let yourself fall into dream time to connect with your intuition.

Realign your soul and higher self.

Ask yourself…..

What have you enjoyed??

Who have you enjoyed working with?

What did and did not work?

What do you need to complete before the darkness of winter draws in?

What skills do you wish to accomplish in the autumn and winter?


Enjoy the last bit of warmth before the winter- this is a seasonal transition time.

Slow down to prepare for your winter hibernation. Nurture yourself with nourishing soups, hot drinks. Celebrate with self care.

Honour and appreciate your home in readiness for winter.

************************MEDITATION **********************

Suzanna will lead a LIVE meditation



click link to join fb.me/suzannasunflowersanctuary

The moon Goddesses will be with us to share their energies and wisdom

for a deep healing and attunement with the DIVINE FEMININE

We will also join together to connect with Gaia to bring planetary healing



Lepidolite- transformation, strength

Gold citrine double terminated crystal for balance

Prehnite- soothing elixier for the heart

Turquoise- opening the channel from heart to voice.

Amethyst merkaba– attune to your intuition

What have you achieved?

What do you need to complete?

Who have you become?

Herkimar diamond- reaching for higher connection.


Isis- Matriarch of the moon, upholder of divine feminine principles.

Find your strenght to stand up for what your heart tells you is right

Diana- Goddess of havest and focus

Celebrate with song, dance. music, joy. All your kindnesses and generous actions add to the create a better world

Crystabelle-she shares her cleansing sparling blue light for upliftment, peace, personal space

Abundantia – orange/magenta-rejoice, appreciate all that you are and all that you do. Enjoy life


We look forward to sharing these beautiful energies with you

Much love

Suzanna and the Goddesses