Super full moon in Capricorn Wednesday July 13th 2022

Super full moon in Capricorn Wednesday July 13th

This month’s full moon is a SUPER MOON which means it is closer to earth so looks larger then usual-it also has a stronger magnetic pull which will affect you more profoundly.

This moon falls in Capricorn, a grounded sign.

Capricorn encourages you to take a new view of your relationships and challenges to release yourself from old patterns.

The moon is also in the month of July which is the zodiac sign of Cancer, ruler of the moon.

Cancer brings focus on family, home , relationships; deep emotions related to these areas of your life will surface and are there to be looked at.

Recalibrate your life so you reach a higher level of your potential.

Embody the divine feminine light and raise your vibrations.

Become the living light, hone your spiritual skills.

Use your intuition to overcome challenges.


To help you move forward on your path, clear old patterns and raise your vibrations by embodying the divine feminine light I will host a LIVE meditation


8pm BST, NOON PT , 3pm EST

Click link to join

Moon goddesses Isis and Diana will be with us bringing their wisdom and energies aided by Goddesses Ixchel and Artemis.

We will join together to offer our beautiful planet Earth healing.


Goddess wisdom and crystal energies.

Isis- matriarch of the moon, holder of divine feminine principle

Amethyst merkaba – upliftment

Diana – focus

Clear quartz pyramid- clarity

Moonstone-flow of emotion, cleansing

Ixchel – divine healing

Herkimer diamond- raise your vibration

Artemis – guardian

Gold citrine-protection

I look forward to leading this uplifting, cleansing meditation

Lots of love

Suzanna x