Hunter’s Full Moon Sunday October 9th 2022


Goddess Diana is guiding us to FOCUS on our goals this October full moon.

In September the moon energy was about harvesting the seeds we had sewn earlier in the year and reaping the benefits.

The full moon in October is calling us to gather together all we have harvested to bring into fruition our original goals. Use all your resources and take the time to complete tasks which move you along your soul path to being your best self.

Make wise choices about the way you send your time and what you FOCUS on.

Aim your arrow high. Ask for guidance.

Go deep within to find your courage and resilience to shine your light and bring your gifts into the world.


I will host a LIVE meditation channelling the DIVINE FEMININE energy of the moon Goddesses Isis , Diana and Phoebe



click link to follow

Goddesses Kuan Yin, Bast and the Angel Vanessa will also be with us to bring their wisdom.

we will join together to bring healing to our beautiful planet


Goddess wisdom and crystal energies for October full moon

Isis- Matriarch of DIVINE FEMININE -Strength

Amethyst merkaba- raise your vibration

Diana- huntress -Focus on your goals.

Moon stone- release and cleanse

Clear quartz angel- higher guidance

Kuan Yin-Compassion, time, self love

Rose quartz heart- acceptance, nurture

Phoebe- hidden strengths

Tigers eye- dig deep to reveal strength

Amethyst PYRAMID- tune in to higher wisdom

Bast – courage to be yourself

Orange carnelian- COURAGE, joy of creativity

Angel Vanessa- follow path to your highest purpose

Clear quartz crystal ball


I look forward to hosting this live meditation to help you on your path of soul purpose

Much love

Suzanna x

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