On the full moon of November 8th 2022 there will be a Full Lunar Eclipse.

The lunar eclipse occurs when the sun earth and moon are perfectly aligned and the earth blocks the sunlight from the moon.

A reddish glow is given to the moon – hence the name blood moon.

This is a time for TRANSFORMATION. Harness these energies and work with them.

This year has been a time of rapid change- letting go of old patterns which hold us back, standing in our own power, moving forward on our soul path to fulfilment.

NOW is the time to TRANSFORM and step up to a higher level.

Dream big!

What is it you really desire deep down?

Time to complete a project so you can plan to start afresh.

Stay POSITIVE and draw on the strength given at this time.

Resolve conflicts from a higher perspective wishing for the best outcome for all parties.


I will host a LIVE MEDITATION working with the lunar eclipse energies and goddess energies to help you move forward.



to join click link fb.me/suzannasunflowersanctuary

**The meditation will be permanently posted so you can watch at your convenience

Moon Goddesses bringing their wisdom are Isis Diana and Lunella.

Maeve and Maat will also be bringing their insights.

We will also join together to send healing to and across our beautiful planet.


Goddess wisdoms and crystals suggested.

ISIS- matriarchal strength, moral justice

Amethyst merkaba

DIANA-cleansing, clarity


Clear quartz merkaba

LUNELLA- alignment with soul purpose

Rutilated quartz

MAEVE- natural cycles, femininity and emotions

Pale amethyst – rebalance

MAAT- fairness, highest good for all.

Gold citrine heart

Join me for this time of TRANSFORMATION

Much love

Suzanna x