Full Moon in Aquarius July 23rd/24th 2021


Channelled messages from the Goddesses

Goddess Isis- Matriarch of the moon

When the full moon’s mantle of light falls upon planet Earth this is the best time for personal and planetary healing.

The height of power of this full moon is in Aquarius in on July 23rd or 24th depending where you are. This moon’s energy is very strong and lasts through to the end of August when the full moon is also in Aquarius.

You are being called forth to stand in your own light. Let go of all old patterns and restraints which no longer serve your higher purpose.You are being liberated to fulfil your true soul potential.

Have a new open-minded perspective on life. Stand up for hat is morally correct. Stand up for justice, freedom, equality, fairness. Your voice is needed to bing forward to new age across the planet.the whole earth is ascending- you are being taken up into new dimensions of thought, opportunity, creativity.

Ask yourself

“How can I serve with my gifts for the highest good of all? what am I being called to do?”

I am here to bring you strength and courage to be your authentic self within your community. Give of your gifts to help others’

Moon Goddess Diana

Dance to your own rhythm. Let go of old restraints and ideas of who you should be. Be open to new energies, new relationships, new ways of cooperative living. Feel free, flow where you are called to go.

Moon Goddess Lunella

Take time to reflect. Let light illuminate life so you see things in a new way. Take time to explore options- remain open. Be grateful for all you have and all your have experienced to become who you are.

High Priestess Queen Nefertiti

This is a time of planetary transformation- and personal transformation. You are moving up the spiral of time into the pale rainbow colours of soft, gentle, healing light.

Let go of the old. Welcome the new. Stand in your own power. Value yourself and your gifts. Go with the flow to find your own fulfilment.

Pink Tara

Time for self care and self love are important. Be quiet, calm and still. LOVE yourself before loving others. Let yourself relax so you can embody these new energies descending upon the Earth and you can be the change!!





The Goddesses will bring their energy and wisdom to flow through you

To join the meditation click link



Useful crystals.

Gold citrine- cleansing the solar plexus- bringing courage

Smoky Quartz- grounding released energy which no longer serves you

Ruby Kyanite-bringing balance and love to your heart

Clear Quartz pyramid- lifting your vibrations and cleansing

Turquoise – allowing connection for m heart to voice to enhance true relationship

Selenite- higher connection

with LOVE

Suzanna and the Goddesses


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